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Perseid Meteor Shower

Posted by Kelly on

Photo by Jeff Dai via
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Leather Origami

Posted by Kelly on

Adrien Rovero is the creator behind this snappy little guys. They don't seem to be available to the public at the moment, but they're just too clever to not mention.
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State Necklaces

Posted by Kelly on


  Oh goodness what a good idea! I love the simplicity of these Maya Brenner state necklaces and would love to get my hands on the California one.



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TGIF: It’s A Wrap! | Card Wrap

Posted by Kelly on

Here's a wrap idea for that card you got your mom for Mother's Day.
We thought our Give Thanks Stripes Give Wrap was an appropriate choice.
Step 1: Place card in the center. Take corner D and bring it toward corner B.
Leave about 3 to 4 inches between corner B and D.
Step 2: Now take corner C and pull it up toward corner A.
Step 3: Now take corner B and wrap it around until you run out of fabric to wrap.
Step 4: Now take the bottom of this wrapped-ness (so not starting with corner A) and fold up to
corner A. Then take corner A and fold down.
And there you have it! Now you have a way more interesting envelope for your card and
your reciprocate has a lovely fabric wrap.
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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Kelly on

Just a few things we thought would make lovely mother's day gifts this May 12th.
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