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Tagged "easter"

Wallpaper Art Inspired Easter Eggs

Posted by Monica on

Inspired by body artist Emma Hack, who blends models into wallpaper, we camouflaged an Easter egg into wrapping paper.
You will need:
- Hard boiled eggs
- Water and food coloring (for paint)
- Paint brush
- Paper towel
- Patterned wrapping paper
As you paint, line up your egg with the pattern to create a more seamless blend. This is a great way to come up with many different, colorful designs for Easter!
Posted by Monica
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Best Of The Easter Egg DIYs

Posted by Kelly on

Here's our round up of the best egg DIY tutorials in the blog world:
1. Love the color choice with the gold leaf by She Knows.
2. Poppytalk has a clever way to send a message with this smashing tutorial.
3. The simplicity of Sugar and Charm's gold leaf bunny egg is quite eye catching.
4. I saw these pinata eggs hanging  in Rare Devices and am so excited Tiffanie Turner shared how to make them on A Subtle Revelry.
And one more egg tutorial that just made us laugh: The Googly-eyed Egg.


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Rainbows and Eggs... Happy Easter!

Posted by admin on

With Easter just around the corner, I've got eggs and pastels on my mind.

Some outtakes from our latest photoshoot for the spring issue of Sweet Paul magazine. Abby Stolfo baked that beautiful rainbow cake (and the rest of the spread, yum!) while I dabbled with egg dying and other fun tutorials. Meg Smith created magic with her beautiful images.... I love working with these talented ladies. All in all, a really egg-cellent day!

Design and styling by chewing the cud

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TGIF: It's a Wrap!

Posted by admin on

Since Easter will be here in no time, we thought it would be appropriate to have a bunny-style wrapping tutorial today!

Today we're using our Give Cheer fabric wrap. This tutorial is great for wrapping round objects.
1. Place fabric wrap face-down and put object in the middle.

2. Take opposite corners towards each other and bunch together.

3. Tie a knot and fluff to form bunny ears.

4. Take the remaining opposite corners and wrap around the bunny ears.
5. Tie a knot on the back.

This is what it looks like at the back.

And completed front view.... voila!

Happy wrapping, folks!

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