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Starry Pumpkin Tutorial

Posted by Viola Sutanto on

Now that M is a little older, she's really into crafts like making crowns, doodling and painting any object you can find in the house. Painting loosely defined, as many terms are, in the world of a 3-year old. It's been a lot of fun (and messy) watching her explore her creative side.

I've been posting some of our crafting adventures on our facebook and instagram feed (hashtag: #lifewitha3yearold). But many of you have asked for tutorial instructions, so here goes... M's starry pumpkin.

Acrylic Paint (we used Craft Smart, found in many craft stores)
Paint Brush
Star Stickers (dots would be fun too)

1. Select a smooth pumpkin, free of bruises and soft spots, for easy painting and stickering.

2. Prep pumpkin by wiping with a damp cloth. Be careful not to wet the stem or bottom, as it can cause the pumpkin to rot.

3. Start painting. M loves this step. We painted 2 coats, drying after each coat for the opaque look.

4. Let your kid (or you) go wild with the stickers!

Note: Feel free to get creative with your choice of colors, stickers and embellishment techniques. Stickering was great because M found it fun, and not too discouraging for her skill level, but you could carve, draw the stars, add glitter...  you get the idea...




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Cloud Coathangers

Posted by Viola Sutanto on

These cloud coathangers are just the best! Just the right amount of whimsy.
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St. Patrick's Day Place Setting

Posted by Kelly on

Goodness this year is going by fast! St. Patrick's is this Sunday, got any parades you plan on attending? Here at Chewing the Cud, we're pretty excited with our new table top line that we decided to use the Ikat chartreuse placemat as inspiration for this simple St. Patrick's place setting. So lay out the kraft paper and crayon-scribble away!
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Fang-tastic Halloween Printable

Posted by Monica on

Save on buying another candy bag by dressing up a paper grocery bag with our fun Halloween labels! Free download below.

All you'll need is a large paper bag, scissors, tape, and computer paper. Starting with the corners, turn the bag inside out for a blank surface. Download, print, cut out, and tape one of our festive labels to your bag.

Did you know one paper shopping bag can hold about 25 pounds of candy? Happy Haunting!

Posted by Monica

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Posted by admin on

Maika is officially a pre-schooler, as evident from her first masterpiece, seen above. We've also been spending lots of time with crayons and paper, i.e. Maika drawing with them, and us cleaning up after her.

We spent some time at Fairyland recently and spotted these cool animals cutouts. Adults must be accompanied by a kid.

And that's what we've been up to lately.



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