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5 DIY Ideas for Buckets

Posted by Viola Sutanto on

halloween candy holder bucket

We love having canvas buckets around the house to use as catchalls and plant holders. And don't even get me started on how handy they are in getting the kids' knick-knacks organized. Lately, we've been getting creative on how we're using them.

1.Candy Buckets for Halloween
I mean, Halloween is just around the corner. Enough said.


Fall table decor with buckets

2. Centerpieces and Dinnerware Settings for Halloween 

Place a small bucket around each fall dinnerware setting. write your guests' names on mini pumpkins and insert one in each bucket. You could also use the buckets as part of your centerpiece decor, or as the bigger ones as bread baskets.


Picnic in a bucket

3. Fall Picnic in a Bucket
Stash a bottle of wine, some bread and cheese in a bucket and you're all set!


Knitters and project bags

4. Easy DIY Projects
Not just for knitters. Art supplies not included.

hanging storage buckets

5. Household Storage Buckets
Best space-saving idea for your home entryway. Your guests will appreciate this unique hanging bucket to store their hats, scarves and gloves.


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From the Studio Series: Making a Product

Posted by Viola Sutanto on

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. "
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


MAIKA dopp kits

Today's post is the fourth of our "From the Studio" series, where we share how we create MAIKA and make products: from inspiration to finished product. Check out our first, second and third posts here.

Creating a form from sketch to making a finished product is like solving a puzzle. Many people are surprised when I tell them I'm a novice (and infrequent) sewer. Their reaction? "But you're a designer of sewn goods?!" Well, the truth is, there are many ways to mock up a product, so choose the medium you're most comfortable with. For me, this is paper.

dopp kit pattern construction

I make my "pattern" using very simple tools: pen, paper and scissors. Shown above is the first take on what eventually became our dopp travel cases. At this early stage, there is usually a lot of experimentation, which can be fun.

constructing a dopp kit

Once I've figured out what my form looks, I cut it and start folding and playing with it. This helps me visualize where my seams could be, and how each piece folds into one another. All of this informs how I then create my fabric sample and eventually, a tech pack. This is a document that lists all the necessary specifications and components needed to make the product. In our world, an essential tool for communication between the designer and manufacturer.

Till the next post... 




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Posted by Viola Sutanto on

Maika Founder


"Home is not a place. It's a feeling."

Welcome to MAIKA!

Hello. My name is Viola, and I am the founder of MAIKA. I am so excited to "meet" you here and officially re-launch our journal.

Many eons ago, MAIKA (then named "chewing the cud") started as a design studio, specializing in brand strategy and design for retail companies and event design. Alongside our design services, we also launched a pretty neat stationery and fabric gift wrap line, licensed our work, and collaborated with some cool brands. Whew! It's been one hell of a ride,

Along the way, we've celebrated many victories, and shed many tears before we finally found our voice in MAIKA. What has stayed consistent in our vision throughout our journey is the desire to inspire and bring delight to our tribe. We do this by designing simple, functional goods that add joy and a touch of playfulness to the everyday.

An object becomes something more when it is designed with intention. With heart. At MAIKA, we are inspired by our love for travel and celebrations. From journeys around the globe to short jaunts around the city, from momentous jubilations to intimate occasions, we are intoxicated by these stories.

This journal is where we share the bits and bobs that inspire us everyday. So pull up a chair and join our adventures!

Photo courtesy of Kristen Loken 


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