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Birthday Celebration

Posted by Rachael Terry on

                                                           'Another year older, another year wiser.'

Regardless of what age you're turning, your birthday is always a special day. I had my special day this week (December 1st) and boy was I in for a surprise. The previous week my friend had said she made us reservations for my birthday at a restaurant in San Francisco called Keystone. Although I did think it a little strange to make a reservation on a weekday, I didn't read too much into it.

The night of the dinner arrived so I packed up my MAIKA crossbody bag, slipped on my boots and headed out. I met my friend near her work and we headed over to the restaurant. We were taken over to our table and low and behold, my closet friends were waiting for me! I did not expect to see them there; it was such a great moment. Here are some pictures of my friends, drinks, and food. 

Prince Edward Island Mussels

Manhattan, very tasty

I ordered Steak Frites but was so hungry, I ate the steak and forgot to take a picture of it. It was delicious and cooked perfectly. The house-made french fries were very tasty as well.

Of course, my friends had to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me in a very crowded restaurant. The cake was chocolate with strawberries, bananas and a vanilla frosting. It was yummy!

Me and my wonderful friends!

I hope you enjoyed my post and pictures! 

Desserts friends Keystone Maika Crossbody San Francisco

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