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Nick Bantock

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Image: Urgent 2nd class

Many of you will recognize artist and author Nick Bantock from his famed trilogy: Griffin and Sabine, an alluring and surreal love story. More so than the plot itself, what captivated me was the whole experience of reading each book. Turning each page was like an act of uncovering a secret. The reader is invited to open envelopes, unfold correspondence, discover exquisite drawings, decipher handwritings...

Image: Urgent 2nd class

What does this have to do with the word "found"? You see, Bantock is a master at manipulating found ephemera to make the most wonderfully imaginative art. His book "Urgent 2nd class" showcases how he uses forgotten photos and documents to create something else quite curious and beautiful. An interweaving of the past and present maybe? More images here.


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