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Gift Presentation III: Glitter without Glare

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For the most part, I'm not a big fan of glitter. But used in moderation, it can produce stunning results in gift presentation.

Recently we designed a 50th birthday dinner party. Among other elements we designed were these hostess gifts, wrapped in textured Japanese washi paper and tied with double layers of contrasting ribbons.

We chose a dark-colored paper to let the ribbons stand out. However to keep the presentation interesting, the paper was textured with a herringbone pattern that that we carried through to the gift tag.

A simple yet chic way to wrap tiny gift boxes (small "sparkling" things do come in small packages...) is to top it off with glittered sculptural accents. Like these butterfly cut-outs easily made from a craft punch.

all image source: chewing the cud

Wrap your box in plain black gift wrap. Punch out a few butterflies on glitter/silver paper with your craft punch. I added a black butterfly just to make it interesting. Fold butterflies in half and glue spine onto box. Voila!

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