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Proef: a food design studio

June 12, 2009 1 min read

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Proef is a creative design studio in Amsterdam where food concepts are developed and executed. I love how they use food to tell a story.

About Founder Marije Vogelzang:
Designers who work with the subject ‘food’ are often called ‘food designers’. According to Vogelzang, food is already perfectly and beautifully designed by nature. She designs from the verb ‘to eat’. She is for example inspired by the origin of food, the preparation, etiquette, history or the culture of food. That is why she doesn’t call herself ‘food designer’but, as the first one in The Netherlands, ‘eating-designer’.

One of their experiements: Elements(pictured above)

"When entering Proef Rotterdam at the opening, guests were asked for their date of birth. According to this information we could track their astrological element; water, fire, earth of air and tied a coloured ribbon around their wrist referring to the element. We served everybody his or her own element-specific food. The opening lasted the day. In the first two hours I noticed that there were only air and earthpeoplevisiting. I started to get worried that we would run out of white and brownfood and have lots of red and green leftovers. Finally the water and fire guests cameand balanced things up. Later on I read that apparently water and fire people havethe tendency to be late for appointments."

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