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And we are back...

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We're back from the Atlanta Gift Show, and what a trip it has been! The snow storm really threw us for a loop. Snow in the South, really? First, there was the trepidation of delayed flights and transits, followed by icy roads in Atlanta.

When we got to the hotel, we found out that Fedex had not made deliveries in the last 5 days due to the horrendous weather. Eeeps... so much for my great idea to ship our booth set-up beforehand. What you see above is our Plan B booth... made out of anything we could get our hands on. Nothing like an emergency to get our creative juices flowing right?

Anyways, despite the misadventures (like dropping my phone in the toilet on Day 2, but that's a whole other story), we did have a lovely time. We met some wonderful folks at the show, ate really well and put in a few hours of play time. But now we're just happy to be home sweet home...

Atlanta Gift Show booth chewing the cud stationery textiles

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