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DIY Holiday Wreath

Posted by Kelly on





Today we'd like to show you how to make a simple plain holiday wreath.









In this project we just used the inner piece of an embroidery hoop. We got the pine trimmings at a Christmas tree lot, they have piles of the stuff that they let us have for free.







(1) Take one piece of pine and place it on the hoop. (2) Take a piece of wire and secure it by twisting it in the back.  (3) Take another piece of pine, making sure it goes in the same direction, and line the middle of this piece with the end of the piece you've already affixed. Continue to repeat the pattern of placing and securing with wire until the hoop is completely covered.










A wreath is born! You can always use a bigger hoop or add pine cones, lights, or anything else you think will add that touch of charm you're looking for.


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