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TGIF: It's A Wrap! | Large Objects

December 07, 2012 1 min read






Today we're going to show you how to do a large object wrap inspired by our Quirky Girl and Techie Guy gift guide.

    Step 1. Lay out your wrap and place the object in the center going along the bias of the fabric so it looks like it's in the center of the diamond shape.

Step 2: Take corner A and B and tie a basic knot. Keep in mind that it's actually better to tie the fabric tight so that it fits the object snuggly.















Step 3: Take the knot you've just made and lift it up so you create a pathway. Then pull corner C under the knot and through the pathway.




Step 4: Now take corner C up and around the knot of corners A and B, making sure not to cover the knot. Pull corner C towards corner D.









Step 5: Take corners C and D and tie a basic knot.




Object wrapped! Happy giving!


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