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February 05, 2019 2 min read

Last week we shared a bit about ways to show yourself more love this Valentine's Day, but this week, it's all about sharing that same love with those on your "Valentine's Day list". Whether you're newly married, searching for the perfect gift for your gals, or looking to spoil your kids a bit, it can be easy to head to the tried and true chocolate aisle in the supermarket or pick up a bouquet of flowers and call it good. But, like most holidays, there are even better options out there than what you can buy at your local Trader Joes or Costco. 

Here are a few of our favorite Valentine's Day gift ideas from sustainable and ethical sources so you can shower those you love with goodies that are good for the planet and for the hands that made them. 

1. Fairly Sourced Diamonds

The conventional diamond industry is full of abuse and exploitation. Luckily though, if you're planning to buy something sparkly for someone you love this year, there are sustainably mined and lab grown diamonds that ensure no one was harmed in the process. Brands like MiaDonna Diamonds and Brillant Earth are leading the way in conflict-free diamonds and offer jewelry for all budgets. 

2. A Bouquet from Bouqs

Ordering flowers for your significant other or best friend from a company like Bouqs ensures that the flowers were sustainably grown and come directly from farms to your door step. You could go one step further and order a monthly delivery for the Valentine's Day gift that keeps on giving. 

3. Fair Trade Chocolate

The chocolate industry, like fashion or diamonds, is typically wrought with exploitation and un-traceability. If chocolate is on the menu this Valentine's Day, look for the "Fair Trade Certified" label or choose a brand from this list of certified chocolate suppliers. (Hint: Hershey's isn't on there). 

4. An Organic Teddy Bear

If your kiddos are expecting something fuzzy and cuddly this Valentines day, order them a stuffed animal made with organic materials free from the harsh chemicals typically used in conventional toys. Bears for Humanity is a great option. 

5. A Spa Day with Your Girls

Experiential gifts are wonderful and, if you live in a city where organic spas are an option, this gift will give you and your girls a day of pampering AND all of the sweet memories that come with it. Look for eco-friendly, organic, or vegan spas in your area and set an appointment before the big day gets here. 

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