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October 26, 2017 1 min read

Fabric Wrapping
With the holidays coming up fast, it's time to start thinking about gifts for him, gifts for her and wrapping. Despite being lovers of pretty papers and stationery, we've also felt a bit squeamish about adding wrapping papers to waste bins, even if they are to be recycled. Today we thought we'd show you an alternative way to wrap your gifts: using reusable fabric wraps!
This technique is perfect for gifting books and boxes, with a bit of flourish: a rose knot.
Fabric wrapping ideas for books
ll you need is your gift (the book) and a square fabric wrap. No tape. No scissors. Easy peasy!
Wrapping books with fabric
Lay the gift wrap face down. Place book(s) in the middle of the fabric gift wrap.
wrapping books with fabric
Take the side closest to you and tuck it around the books. Then take the opposite end and bring it over.
Book wrapping ideas with fabric

Gather the remaining sides and pull them toward the middle of the books. Tie a knot.

japanese fabric wrapping of books

Pull one-knot end up and wrap the other around it. Tuck the end of the tip into itself. Repeat with other knot end.

Tip: The bigger your wrap, the larger your rose will be! Tie the knot snugly so the corners are neat.

Fabric Wrapping

 Voila! All ready for gifting for him or a gift for her.


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