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October 03, 2016 2 min read

"Adventure to where you feel most alive."
If sun and food make you feel most alive, then be sure to toss a few sun soaking outfits in a Duffel (it worked beautifully as a plane carry on) and venture to the food and sun loving community of Silverlake, Los Angeles. Don't let the foggy morning fool you, grab a pair of hip sunglasses and head for Sunset Blvd for your morning drink of choice or well, cheese. 
A hop into Intelligentsia Coffeebar led to a hidden gem,  The Cheese Store of Silverlake, which quickly sparked a cheese and coffee breakfast. You will also discover beautiful treats for an afternoon picnic or outdoor dinner with friends. 




After a leisurely morning of coffee and cheese tasting, we stumbled upon a delightful surprise for lunch, Forage. Their seasonal pre-prepped and made to order delights are sure to please all palates, so much you may want to order one of everything and a dessert for the road, we did.  On your way to your next wondering destination be sure to pop into our friends "free range design" shop, Yolk. You will find many delights, including a few MAIKA pieces for your next adventure. 



 "The love made me do it," or "Sorry you are beautiful," are a few of many quotes you will discover on the walls of The Black Cat Restaurant. It is a lovely place for an afternoon cocktail and snack. 



The Rustic Italian Restaurant, Kettle Black delights all senses. Between the atmosphere and inspiring dishes, this may be your new kitchen. 



Join me in a few weeks for a journey to the Pacific Northwest, specifically through the rain filled streets of Portland. For this one, I am packing my rain boots, wool sweaters and heavy scarves in, well, yes a delightful MAIKA Echo Duffel. Till then, continue to sleep well, eat well and laugh allot. 



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