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January 18, 2017 1 min read

"Don't forget to play."

DIY Stencil-A-Pouch Kit

We've been having so much fun seeing how you guys are using our DIY Stencil-A-Pouch kit to create your own art on pouches. (Tag us #maikagoods to be featured!)


DIY MAIKA pouches

Here's a few of our favourites.

Maika pouch DIY tutorial

I thought it'd be fun to show you how we monogrammed our Blue Stripe Pouch using the stencils and pens from the kit, but you can certain use any pouch (or bag, or fabric surface... etc.) you like!

Maika pouch DIY tutorial

Step 1: measure the length and width of your pouch, and use a pencil to lightly mark where you'd like to stencil your initials.

Maika pouch DIY tutorial

Step 2: Tape the bottom of the area you'll be stenciling on, to ensure a straight line. 

Maika pouch DIY tutorial


Step 3: I like to mock up my artwork on a piece of tracing paper and lay it on top of the pouch to make sure I'm happy with the placement before putting ink to fabric.

Maika pouch DIY tutorial

Tip: If you're stenciling close to the lower corners of the pouch, I would recommend opening up the the base and tucking in under for a flatter surface.

Maika pouch DIY tutorial

Step 4: Stencil away! 


Maika pouch DIY tutorial


Tip: Outline the letters with your stencil, and carefully fill them in later. I find this step easier without the stencil.

Maika pouch DIY tutorial

Ta-da... your very own monogrammed MAIKA pouch!

Although we recommend spot-cleaning your pouch, you can heat-set your work by placing a piece of cloth over the stenciled area and running a warm iron through it. This will ensure the ink doesn't fade if you wash your pouch.


DIY Pouch Kit


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