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September 21, 2017 1 min read

 "Chocolate comes from cocoa, which comes from a tree, that makes it a plant. Therefore chocolate counts as a salad, right!" - The MAIKA Team


When reminiscing delightful travels to Los Angeles four beautiful things come to mind; sunshine, food, friends, and plants. Usually, I find myself wanting to share all the new mouth-watering food spots to visit in LA but this time around the plant life captivated my attention, both inside and out. 


If you are looking to move while in LA, I highly recommend a day of wandering the Silverlake streets and the jungle of hidden stairs. The steep zigzagging stairs will lead you up and down a variety of tropical plants growing short and tall.  If eating chocolate is more your thing then at the very least venture to the bottom to catch a glimpse of the colors. The stairs are a piece of artwork in themselves.

And don't worry a lot of good food awaits on the other side. Really, it is worth it. I hope you enjoy this petite tip as much as we did.   


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