April 10, 2019

Last week, we told the story behind Lisse, our print inspired by the tulip festival in Lisse, Netherlands. Next up: Flores. 

This print is simple and neutral at first glance (the "perfect neutral pop", as one of our customers put it!), but once you hear the story and rich history behind it, we think you'll love it even more. 

Meet Flores

Believe it or not, Flores - meaning "flowers" - is inspired by an island of the same name in Indonesia (where Viola, our founder is originally from). Often referred to as the "next Bali", Flores is known for its lush landscape and traditional ikat weaving. 

Google images of this island paradise at your own risk though, don't say we didn't warn you of the inevitable sense of wanderlust you'll experience. The island has a rich heritage of skilled weavers who've mastered the ikat technique, and our print pays tribute to them and their dedication to their craft. 

Our Flores though is less about replicating the ikat design (it's incredible - read this article from TOAST for a beautiful peek into the work of ikat weaving) and more about capturing the meditative nature of the weaving process. Most ikats are colorful, intricate, and take months and months to create. Our pattern aims to replicate the feeling behind weaving and the calming, artful nature of their design. 

The design process

Flores, like all of our prints, began as a simple sketch, undergoing hundreds of transformations and small edits before it reached its final form. 

Here's a peek at the sketches that eventually became Flores. 

We love the deep stories behind this subtle and neutral pattern and we hope learning a bit about its backstory gives you even more reason to love it too!

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