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February 24, 2021 2 min read

MAIKA Stripes Dopp Kits

MAIKA dopp kits, photo courtesy of MAIKA


Each MAIKA pattern has always been inspired by our travel adventures in places far flung to towns in our backyard. But when we started working on our Spring collection last year, we took a different turn. After all, it was 2020—the year that no one ever saw coming. So much uncertainty, so much unknown was up in the air. No one was traveling, and let’s be honest, sometimes the highlight of our lockdown day was visiting the grocery store.

After such a turbulent year, we felt the need to lean into the timeless. We found comfort in designs that are classic but not trite.

As we continued to brainstorm ideas for a collection that spoke to comfort and renewed joy, we were inspired to explore the stripe.

Hailed as the bread and butter of fashion, stripes have been a steady presence throughout the ages. 

MAIKA Vintage Stripes Pouches

photo courtesy of MAIKA


No other pattern has had such a colorful history or has evoked such powerful emotions and meaning as the stripe. Coco Chanel was credited with creating the Breton stripe which has seen countless iterations since they were worn by sailors and fishermen in France.

The history of stripes, however, had a darker side from the Middle Ages when it was the symbol of crime and servitude. Prisoners wore striped uniforms, as did court jesters and servants.Conversely, stripes often made an appearance during political upheavals such as the French Revolution and in national flags. 

Made up of simple lines, the stripe has been imbued with so much emotion over the course of time, from the carefree spirit of nautical culture, the formal tones of pinstripe suits to the bold, psychedelic stripes of the 60s.

Beyond fashion, we were seeing stripes everywhere. Zebras, candy canes, road signs… the possibilities are endless!

Mod Stripe Ash/Lime Commuter Tote

Mod Stripe Commuter Tote in Ash/ Lime, photo courtesy of MAIKA


At MAIKA, we’ve always had a penchant for stripes. From our Charcoal Stripes pattern, Vintage Stripes and even Woven Grey, we love our lines. For our 2021 collection, we felt the urge to create something that was here to stay, but with a fresh take on it. Drawing inspiration from abstract art, packaging, home decor and vintage textiles, we re-imagine the classic stripe in fresh, unexpected color combinations to bring back some joy into 2021. I mean, who doesn’t love a good stripe? 

Mod Stripe Moss/ Terracotta Laptop Backpack

Mod Stripe Laptop Backpack in Moss/ Terracotta, photo courtesy of MAIKA

Our new Mod Stripes commuter totes are launching soon! Sign up below to be the first to know about our new arrivals. 

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