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June 11, 2018 1 min read

I scream. You scream. We scream... for ice-cream! Who's ready to join us on an ic-cream tour? The MAIKA team has rounded up some of our favorite flavors to share with you. Now, excuse me as I wipe my watering mouth...

Humphrey Slocombe Secret Breakfast

Credit: Fun Cheap SF

1. Humphrey Slocombe Secret Breakfast
An ice cream made with bourbon and corn flake cookies, y'all!

Salt and Straw Olive Oil Ice Cream

2. Salt and Straw Olive Oil
We love how light and airy this ice-cream feels.

Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous

Credit: Indogpatch

3. Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous Pink Squirrel
We might say Pink Squirrel is our pick, but truth be told, when our studio used to be located above Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous's shop, we were there every Friday without fail, sampling their latest creations.

Smitten Salt Caramel Ice Cream

4. Smitten Salted Caramel
As Smitten proclaims, "The simplest of our recipes, Salted Caramel proves out that old saying ' less is more' (more awesome, DUH)." We'll just take them at their word. 


Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream

Credit: Good Eggs

5. Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream
This one's another Humphrey Slocombe favorite. Just give me ice-cream and coffee anytime and it's a winner in my books. But make it Vietnamese coffee? Jackpot!

durian ice cream

6. Marco Polo Durian Ice Cream
Ok we know... durian. It's arguably the most loved and hated fruit in the world. But in my world, durian rocks. 

Wishing you many sweet and cool Summer days!

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