June 11, 2017

"I am walking on sunshine."


Grab a colorful hat, a pair of sunglasses, a few friends, and head south for some elevated (6k ft) sunshine in Santa Fe, New Mexico this summer.


Caci Grinspan, Rancho Encantado  


From art and hiking to relaxing Santa Fe is full of delight. Here are a few we love:

A stroll down Canyon Road. Be sure to see Kevin Boxes main gallery (keep an eye out for the horses). 

- A visit and lunch at the Georgia O'keffe Museum.  

- A cooking class at the Santa Fe Cooking School. 

- A hike at Ghost Ranch. 

- A bit of cheese tasting at the Cheese Monger. They offer classes as well. 

- A day at the spa or poolside at Rancho Encantado. 

- An evening of relaxing by a Cedar fire (really, it gets chilly at night). 


Enjoy!! And send a postcard. 


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