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January 24, 2022 3 min read

Some people express their love with gifting, others prefer to spend quality time together. With more people (not only millennials!) becoming interested in streamlining their belongings, maybe it's time for us to re-frame how we do Valentine's Day. Instead of exchanging gifts this year, how about sharing unique experiences with your significant other? More quality time together, less clutter in your life. Sounds good? These experiences could be as simple as going to the park for a picnic, or as extravagant as renting a private yurt in the Rockies. The list is endless, so keep reading for some note-worthy Valentine's Day experiences.

Museum Tours

Do you love history, art, and anything in between? There are plenty of museums that offer special events that showcase love through art and history. Spend Valentine’s Day weekend surrounded by loved ones while discovering new art and music.

Enjoy a nice dinner, then take a romantic walk through the galleries. Be a part of a guided tour through collections that tell stories of love and discuss everything you learned with each other.

Couples Cooking/Cocktail Classes

So maybe you've thought about creating a fancy four-course meal from scratch with your partner. If that's the case, then an in-person or online cooking class will provide you with everything you need for the perfect romantic dinner at home!

If you've already scratched that off your list, then let's take it up a notch and craft your own signature cocktail. You could even start early, with a brunch cocktail class. Your sweetheart will forever be enchanted by your skills and the best part? You can re-create this day anytime you want, valentine or not.

Food Tours

Does all of that seem like a lot of work for a meal? Sometimes I just want to enjoy the food without working for it. If you want to avoid crowded restaurants and still go out to eat, look no further than these food tours!

Take a guided tour through historic sites in your city and stop at the best restaurants and bistros to taste the local cuisine. You don't have to deal with cleaning the kitchen and you get to learn new things about your city. This tip is not only for dining but there are also chocolate tours, wine tasting, ice cream, bakeries you name it!

A Romantic Picnic

Ok, this is the last one involving food!

So speaking of food, how about a romantic picnic? Scout for your favorite location, bring the goodies, and spend time together under the stars or watching the sunset. The possibilities are endless! If you’re looking for a more elaborate option, you may even hire a chef or find someone to provide everything you need, including of course -fluffy pillows and cozy blankets!

Experience the Outdoors

Are you and your partner big fans of the outdoors? Then take advantage of your love for hiking, camping, and exploring nature together and create an unforgettable experience fitted for you two.

You can spend time on cloud 9 by embarking on a hot air balloon ride and feel like one with the sky. If you love the ocean and water sports, then you can spend the day kayaking, paddle boarding, or surfing. Another spectacular marine activity is whale watching.

Create unforgettable memories this Valentine's Day doing something you both love!

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