July 09, 2017

"Smile! There is wine, food, and friends."



Summer packs many delights, one of them being sun filled outdoor festivals. We recently enjoyed a sleeper one in the small mountain of Telluride, Co, out and about but mostly from the comfort of the backyard.   



The local cheese shop, Over the Moon, became our go-to stop for all wine compliments; Bellwether Farms Ricotta, Blue Grouse Bread, and Marcona Almonds. 



When venturing beyond the backyard we found ourselves packing our MAiKA backpack for a picnic in the local town park. It sits at the base of 14k peak mountains setting a beautiful scene for an afternoon of wine sipping with friends.   



If you are hungry after a day of lounging in the sun the festival takes you to new backyards throughout town to enjoy dining delights at sunset. 


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