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Planted in Los Angeles

Posted by Ashley Etling on

 "Chocolate comes from cocoa, which comes from a tree, that makes it a plant. Therefore chocolate counts as a salad, right!" - The MAIKA Team


When reminiscing delightful travels to Los Angeles four beautiful things come to mind; sunshine, food, friends, and plants. Usually, I find myself wanting to share all the new mouth-watering food spots to visit in LA but this time around the plant life captivated my attention, both inside and out. 


If you are looking to move while in LA, I highly recommend a day of wandering the Silverlake streets and the jungle of hidden stairs. The steep zigzagging stairs will lead you up and down a variety of tropical plants growing short and tall.  If eating chocolate is more your thing then at the very least venture to the bottom to catch a glimpse of the colors. The stairs are a piece of artwork in themselves.

And don't worry a lot of good food awaits on the other side. Really, it is worth it. I hope you enjoy this petite tip as much as we did.   


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Posted by Ashley Etling on

For all of you back from summer vacation already planning summer 2018 (me) here is a bit of inspiration, from the Amalfi Coast. All I have to say is, good food, friends, coastal breeze, and gelato! Does it get any better!?


Kick off the trip with a quick stop in Naples for pizza and wine at Antonio's. It is worth staying the night for the pizza alone and well croissants in the square for breakfast. Then catch the earliest ferry to Capri island for a day trip or what I highly recommend is a few nights. We ended up extending ours to four. Really, it's stunning. The tourist leave by sunset and the island takes on a peaceful ease that will send you into instant relaxation mode.  


Next stop, Positano. Don't miss this picturesque cliff hung town for a few days of relaxing on the beach or simply taking in the view. 


And then there is Santorini. Between grabbing goods from the General Store for picnics to lounging seaside with friends, just warning you, you may start looking at how you could move here. We may have. 


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Top 6 Summer Adventures

Posted by Ashley Etling on

From trail snacks to beach snacks the team at Maika picked their top six foodie travel destinations for your summer adventures: 


1. Bay Area Hiking



2. Beach Snacking 



3. Tulum, Mexico Coconut Water-Sipping 



4. Portland Oregon Stop at Coquine 



5. Pizza in Silverlake, Los Angeles 



6. Devils Food Baked Goods in Denver, CO

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Santa Fe Summer

Posted by Ashley Etling on

"I am walking on sunshine."


Grab a colorful hat, a pair of sunglasses, a few friends, and head south for some elevated (6k ft) sunshine in Santa Fe, New Mexico this summer.


Caci Grinspan, Rancho Encantado  


From art and hiking to relaxing Santa Fe is full of delight. Here are a few we love:

A stroll down Canyon Road. Be sure to see Kevin Boxes main gallery (keep an eye out for the horses). 

- A visit and lunch at the Georgia O'keffe Museum.  

- A cooking class at the Santa Fe Cooking School. 

- A hike at Ghost Ranch. 

- A bit of cheese tasting at the Cheese Monger. They offer classes as well. 

- A day at the spa or poolside at Rancho Encantado. 

- An evening of relaxing by a Cedar fire (really, it gets chilly at night). 


Enjoy!! And send a postcard. 


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Favourite Spring Hikes

Posted by Viola Sutanto on

Tennessee Valley Now that the weather is warming up in the Bay Area, we've been motivated to get back into our routine of weekend hikes. These are a few of our favourites:

Tennessee Valley
Length: 3.4 miles
Level: easy
Bonus: Minimum hills. Maximum views. Enough said.

Nimitz Way Trail at Inspiration Point
Length: approx. 4 miles
Level: easy
Bonus: Panoramic views of the Bay Area, although be prepared for crowds during the weekends.

giant redwood treesMuir Woods
Length: multiple trails from 0.5 - 10 miles. See trail descriptions here.
Level: varies
Bonus: Walking under the giant redwood trees is pretty awesome; the Dipsea trail is strenuous but ending it at Stinson Beach is epic.

DIY trail mix

Photo: healthy maven

Since we are almost always hiking with the kids, we've learnt these are essential for a successful hiking session:
• plenty of water
• snacks: trail mix (make your own!), bars, bananas or apples, baby snacks
•  sunscreen is a must!
• hats
• insect repellent
• sturdy shoes

MAIKA adjustable rolltop backpack

The best part? They all fit nicely into our MAIKA adjustable roll top backpack.

MAIKA backpack interior lining

Not only is it lightweight enough to lug around for a few miles, seeing how we've had more than a couple of accidental spills, we're pretty happy about the waterproof lining.😉  

Happy Trails!

All photos courtesy of MAIKA unless otherwise stated.


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