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A funny thing happened...

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A funny thing happened last week. While waiting for my client at their reception area, I saw the latest issue of Brides magazine lying around and grabbed it. I knew our wedding was to appear in the coming issue but it wasn't supposed to be out on the newsstands till a week later. I flipped it open and voila, there I was in the full glory of my wedding gown. Very strange feeling indeed... in fact I was a little sheepish and looked around surreptitiously (as though anyone else cared, really.) Right at that moment, I was called into the meeting so I took a deep breath, swiped the magazine and ended up showing our feature as part of my portfolio! My (hopefully soon-to-be) client was so delighted she insisted I take her copies home with me so I can show off the article. How sweet of her!

Another high note for us was when Style Me Pretty did a humongous series of posts about us this week! In addition to the wedding itself, I also contributed 2 DIY tutorials for the adventurous brides out there.

Ok enough with the shameless self-promo already...


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  • your wedding looks fab, later on when that time comes for me, i want my wedding to be as lovely as yours!

    laura on
  • I’m sure it will be, if not even more fab! Wait… is the time near?

    viola on

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