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Tea-Towel Save-the-Dates: Inspiration

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I got a few inquiries about how the tea-towels came to be. Here's the scoop on how we were inspired to create this piece and how the concept was carried through to the invitations and other details.

The couple first met at a bar called "Butter". For centuries, butter has been the gourmand’s faithful ally, the secret ingredient to good food, a symbol of good living. Iris and Travis are both food lovers so we thought it apt to take this basic ingredient as our inspiration to concoct the beginnings of a delicious wedding.

photos: chewing the cud

The tea-towels were the first indication to their guests of this fun and chic wedding. The couple fell in love with one of the invitation styles from our signature collection: Good Old Days. They opted for this style instead of going the custom design route. It's worked out beautifully. The images are of a sample set to protect the couple's privacy since they are not yet married as of this post.

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  • lovely concept for a wedding! btw you’ve been tagged, please visit my blog for more info :)

    laura on
  • Thanks Laura! I will check out your blog :)

    chewingthecud on

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