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Days with My Father

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Heartwrenchingly beautiful visual story-telling by photographer Phillip Toledano in a series called "Days with My Father". I shed a few quiet tears as I followed him on his journey. My dad lives thousands of miles away from me; I think about him everyday.

via Uncle Beefy

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  • Thanks so much for passing this along. Very poignant, and beautifully done.

    Lola G. on
  • Wow… amazing photos and amazing story. Thanks for sharing, Viola! I am glad that I am seeing my dad this December over the holidays, and I hope you get to see yours soon! How is he doing?

    Events by Evonne on
  • It really is an amazing piece… Evonne, I'm planning to go home and see my papa in Oct/Nov:) Yay for you and me!

    chewingthecud on
  • i go soooo chocked up when i viewed this. i love the stories and moments he chose to accompany the photos.

    josephine on

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