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ototo design

Posted by admin on

Tea Sub
Jumpin Jacks Salad Servers
39 Inch Snail Measuring Tape

These products from Isareli-based Ototo Design Studio made me smile...
product design whimsical witty

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  • Hi Viola, I'd love you to come visit, it's Will def post your notebooks up there soon! xx

    Maria on
  • Hi Nattie, thanks so much! Are their products so fun?

    chewingthecud on
  • Hey! I love that you find the unique and unusual! I love your work…I ordered one of your lovely notebooks for my wedding thank yous back in April, which I plan to post about on my new blog :-) xx

    Maria on
  • oh thanks so much Maria! You'll have to let me know the link to your new blog! Hopefully you'll be sharing your wedding pics on there?:)

    viola | chewing the cud on
  • Hi! Love your blog so much! it's very inspiring! I LOVE the snail tape measure! super cute!

    Nattie on

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