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Featured Etsy Seller

Posted by admin on

Guess who's the featured seller on etsy today? You can read more about it here.
Happy Friday... thank you etsy!

chewing the cud etsy stationery textiles

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  • Natalie, hi fellow Indonesian! Thanks for checking out my work.
    Rachel, thanks for your kind words. I wish you all the very best on Etsy; it’s great.

    chewingthecud on
  • Yay for you my friend! You deserve it!

    Rosemary on
  • oh you guys are making me blush 3 shades of pink… thank you so much for your support and comments!

    chewingthecud on
  • Came over from Etsy after seeing your feature. Congrats!!
    Beautiful works! And your lastname caught my attention as it seems we share the Indonesian background. :-)

    Natalie on
  • Hello… I have just read your interview on Etsy and I found it really helpful as a new seller… came straight over to your blog and had a look a round …wonderful .. I love your work and I find it very inspiring.

    Rachel on

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