Poppytalk Handmade Market: Mad March

March 15, 2011 1 Comment

[caption id="attachment_782" align="alignnone" width="550" caption="tovicorrie"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_781" align="alignnone" width="550" caption="hurley sashimi"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_783" align="alignnone" width="550" caption="dahlhaus"][/caption]

Yup Spring is definitely on its way... check out these colorful pops from Poppytalk Handmade's Mad March Market....

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Ai Wei Wei | Middleclasswhitegirl Blog
Ai Wei Wei | Middleclasswhitegirl Blog

May 18, 2011

[…] coloured vases courtesy of the Artist Ai Wei Wei, image Dahlhaus via Poppytalk] This entry was posted in art, being political and tagged Ai Wei Wei, art, China, Free Ai Wei […]

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