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Coffee Tasting for the Sweet Tooth

Posted by Kelly on

Are you someone who loves a good vanilla latte (and maybe from time to time a white mocha with 2 pumps hazelnut) but wants to know what's so good abut a plain espresso drink? We did a coffee tasting so you could start enjoying the complementary friendship of just milk and espresso. Main benefit: pastries look a little less guilty.

For this coffee tasting it only seemed natural, being located in San Francisco, to utilize the local coffee scene roasters: Blue Bottle Coffee, Ritual Coffee Roasters, Sightglass Coffee Roasters and Fourbarrel Coffee. (Disclaimer: these are not ranked, we celebrate all these roasters equally!)

Here are the results:

Here's how they're ranked:

If you like a stronger coffee flavor but want to keep it tasting sweet, then I'm going to recommend trying something that may shock you (or not): soy cappuccino. There's something about the soy milk that just adds a nice natural touch of sweetness that isn't overwhelming. Most espresso drinks are made with whole milk because of its high fat content which blends nicely with the espresso and also makes it easier for the barista to make that lovely leaf foam art, however it's not necessarily sweet. If you are into the sweet factor, keep your eyes on the left side of the ratings.

If you prefer more of a milk flavor with espresso not on the strong side, then I recommend getting a regular whole milk latte. Lattes have a higher milk content then cappucinos. If you are looking for more milky goodness, then keep your eyes on the right side of the ratings.


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