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TGIF: It’s A Wrap! | Card Wrap

Posted by Kelly on

Here's a wrap idea for that card you got your mom for Mother's Day.
We thought our Give Thanks Stripes Give Wrap was an appropriate choice.
Step 1: Place card in the center. Take corner D and bring it toward corner B.
Leave about 3 to 4 inches between corner B and D.
Step 2: Now take corner C and pull it up toward corner A.
Step 3: Now take corner B and wrap it around until you run out of fabric to wrap.
Step 4: Now take the bottom of this wrapped-ness (so not starting with corner A) and fold up to
corner A. Then take corner A and fold down.
And there you have it! Now you have a way more interesting envelope for your card and
your reciprocate has a lovely fabric wrap.
artist chewing the cud DIY mother's day styling textiles TGIF: It's a Wrap! wrap tutorial

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  • This is such a cute idea! I love it for Thank You cards. It could also be cute as a wedding favor, maybe wrapped around a picture of the couple! Thanks for sharing!

    Carling {Bayside Bride} on

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