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November 09, 2021 3 min read 1 Comment

We've curated some unique gifts that are perfect for that person in your life that is obsessed with food (aren't we all?). Foodies love a challenge. They know all about the perfect spices, what type of wine would go well with that sizzling steak sirloin, and are always looking for new flavors to impress their guests. Here are some ideas that will become a staple in your foodie friend's kitchen.

1. Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Mason jars with various herbs placed next to a window

Fresh herbs indeed make all the difference. With Sarah Burrows and Nick Behr's tinted, vintage-inspired jars the up-and-coming chef in your life can have their own personal garden.

2. Online Culinary Classes

Gordon Ramsey offering a dish he prepared during his MasterClass culinary class

What about a gift for the aspiring chef? They are obsessed with food but haven't had the time to learn how to cook yet. MasterClass offers classes for as low as $15 a month, where they can learn the tricks of the trade with their favorite chef, and best yet, they might invite you to come take a bite!

3. MAIKA Lunch + Pie Tote

MAIKA Lunch + Tote in grey and white

With an extra-wide gusset, our Lunch + Pie Tote will keep your pies and tarts flat as you go from home to parties. And it’s not just for food and pies. Think knitting and crafting projects, kids’ lunches, and even make-up storage, this little number is the urban nomad’s dream.

4. Copper River Fish Market Bundle

A salmon casserole with fish by Copper River Fish Market

Copper River Fish Market provides the highest-quality and best-tasting wild Alaska seafood to restaurants and foodies throughout the nation. They offer 10 lb Bundles that will transform your favorite recipe into something finger-licking good!

5. Craft Cocktail Gift Set

Scenic beach view with pre-made craft cocktails on a table

The perfect gift for the aspiring mixologist in your life. Simply pour the contents of one bottle over ice and add the spirit of your choice. These single-serving craft cocktails by El Guapo are a practical yet sophisticated gift option.

6. Toddy Insulated Coffee Mug

Homemade coffee, water being poured into a stainless reusable mug

Do you know a coffee lover? Lock in the heat with this versatile, 100% leak-proof, Brumate insulated mug. From toddies to coffee and everything in between, including cold beverages too!

7. Farm-to-People Subscription Box

Subscription delivery box providing fresh vegetables, fruits, ands eggs

For all the farm-to-table fans, get the farmer’s market delivered to you with a Farm to People subscription box. You can get the box customized to your dietary needs and get sustainably grown local ingredients weekly to your door.

8. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

White box with hot sauce diy kit with 6 flavors

A great gift for those who love climbing the Scoville scale. If you know people that always need more spice in their food, then this Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit will bring them some personalized heat to fit their needs.

9. Organic Mushroom Grow Kit


Olive oil, onion, garlic, and spices standing next to a portable mushroom grow at home kit

Just like growing your own herbs, have you ever thought about how cool it would be to grow your own mushrooms? Take your cooking to the next level with the Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Grow Kit.

10. Maestro Organic Hemp Apron

Brunette model wearing a organic orange kitchen apron

There's no more admirable goal than wanting to bring sustainability to your kitchen. Rawganique offers eco-friendly aprons and invites raw food chefs, organic chefs, vegan chefs, and garden-variety chefs to take part in this new revolutionary way to cook.

11. Magnetic Acacia Knife Block

A magnetic knife wooden block holding 4 kitchen knives

How about a gift to help with storage and improve their chopping game? Altogether, the Bespoke Post magnetic knife block instantly boosts your kitchen organization and keeps your blades (and your hands) as safe as possible.


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