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April 19, 2022 2 min read


Photo courtesy of Ryoji Iwata 

For most of us, it’s an inevitable part of our day again: the commute to and from the office. Granted things have changed since 2020. Perhaps you're no longer commuting 5 days a week, but when you do have to make the trip, well... flashbacks to memories of cramped subway trains or sitting stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Commuting time is often harrowing, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The stats are scary. A 2011 Swedish study reported couples with one partner commuting for at least 45 minutes have a 40% higher chance of divorce. Avoid the extra angst. Follow these simple tips to make your commute a little easier. 


Do a little homework to make your morning smarter.

Accidents happen. Train-lines get delayed and inclement weather lengthens even the shortest drive. Have an alternative route in mind if things get sticky. Keep a ride share app handy in case of an emergency. 

Spend a few seconds perusing the weather app the night before. How many minutes have you wasted looking for an umbrella or your favorite scarf? Cut the harried search out of travel time. Keep all of your weather-related gear in one spot.


Divert your attention from the task at hand with your favorite subject. Download a podcast to entertain you during your travels. Do you love to read? Join Slate’s Audio Book Club. News junkie? Try The New York Times’The Daily podcast. For the crafty folk, listen to the Knitting Pipeline. If you have a hobby, there’s most likely a podcast on the topic. Once you unlock the wealth of audio programs, we bet you will be hooked.


Spice up your trip to work with a little competition. No, we are not suggesting you race a car down the expressway. Give yourself a sustainable commuter challenge. For example, try brewing coffee at home instead of purchasing one for a week. Or, swap the subway for your bicycle. After you successfully complete the challenge, treat yourself to reward. You will get the warm and fuzzy serotonin boost for accomplishing a goal.


We admit we are biased, but we think a stylish, thoughtful tote makes everyone’s trip to work more pleasant. MAIKA'S Commuter Tote will make your life a little more structured. Our bag has a place for everything. We’ve got you covered from your tablet to water bottle. Whatever bag you use, we suggest packing it the night before. Don’t leave yourself scrambling in the morning hunting for keys and laptop.


Emotions overtake even the most stoic of us. Crowded quarters and bad drivers rise most of our stress levels. When anxiety creeps in, give yourself a time-out from the unpleasant feelings. Listen to Dr. Danny Penman’s "Sounds and Thoughts Meditation.” If meditation isn’t your thing, classical music is a well documented stress reliever. Turn up the Mozart and feel the tension melt away.

Traveling to work is often trying. Get rid of the strain by trying one (or all) of our suggestions. Let us know, what are your go-to tips for a pleasant commute?

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