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October 17, 2018 3 min read

Although Fall exudes all things cozy, it seems the closer to the holidays we get, the busier our schedules become. From busy work seasons to hectic schedules with school, kids, sports, playdates, meetings and more, Fall and Winter can feel like anything but peaceful and relaxing. 

Luckily, living life in the fast lane doesn't have to be your default. It's more than possible to slow down this season, and once you've tried a slower pace (as impossible as it may feel now), we don't think you'll go back to busy. 

Here are our best tips for intentionally slowing down this Fall: 

1. Start Saying "No"

We live in a world of over-commitment and "busy for busy's sake", so breaking these heavily ingrained habits in turn of a slower lifestyle isn't easy. But it's not impossible. Practice saying no more often, cutting things out of your schedule, and only saying yes to the things you truly want (or have) to do. You'll be amazed at how much slower your lifestyle becomes when you're not bound by other people's expectations. 

2. Narrow Down Your "Must-Do's"

Once you've mastered the art of saying no more frequently, you'll need to decide what you "must do" and what you can do without. Things like paying bills, attending family holiday parties, being involved with your kiddo's school board, or those work meetings are probably non-negotiables, but surely there are other commitments you can cut. Narrowing down the non-essentials will make space for doing more things that make you truly happy. 

3. Identify Your Essentials

In addition to better time management skills, cutting physical clutter out of your life can help ease some of the stress of feeling rushed all of the time. Identify your most worn items in your closet and consider building a flexible capsule wardrobe out of your favorites and donating the rest. Narrow down your handbag selection by opting for a multi-purpose bag, like our Carry All Tote, (wink wink) that can go with you anywhere, instead of having to continually swap bags. These small but significant steps will immediately relieve stress. 

4. Invest More Time In Self-Care

Oftentimes, when you feel busy, you're simply not taking enough time for YOU. Write a list of things that make you feel rejuvenated and prioritize them. It doesn't have to be a full spa day (although we'd all love a full self-care day every once in a while). It can be as simple as a few minutes of reading before bed instead of scrolling social media, or a bath at the end of the day to unwind. 

5. Meal Plan to Save Time

Food prep can seem like a hassle, but in the long run, taking an evening to prepare meals for the week ahead can save you hours each week. 

6. Accept Imperfection

It's easy to put pressure on yourself to put together the perfect holiday party, or have a spotless, perfectly decorated house, or look flawless 100% of the time. But once you allow yourself to "be real" and imperfect, you'll feel a huge release of pressure and stress fall from your shoulders. Life should be lived to the fullest, but it doesn't have to be busy. 

How are you slowing down this season? 

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