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October 11, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

As we move towards cold(er) weather and color trends drift from bright and fun to muted and warm, we've got an argument to present against everyone's favorite classy go-to: Black. 

We know, we know, black is the epitome of effortless class and professionalism. It's flattering, looks good on everyone, goes with everything, and of course, transitions to Fall and Winter like a dream. But, for every argument, there is a counter-argument, and we'd like to present our case for the perfect alternative of black...


The perfect blend of white and black, and perhaps the most approachable of the three, grey, we would argue, adds a level of laidback sophistication that black just can't. We could go on, but we think photos speak louder than words, so here are a few of our favorite grey products that look great with anything and anyone. 

Laptop Backpack in Ash

The perfect gender neutral backpack that will go with EVERYTHING, our Waxed Ash Backpack is made with recycled canvas adn vegan leather to elevate your essentials without being "too much". 

Carryall Tote in Nochi:

Nochi is one of our newest prints, and the perfect middle ground between black and grey, with accents of white and yellow. The Carryall Tote can hold all of your essentials, whether it's your mama essentials or your gifts for a holiday party. 

Canvas Bucket in Woven Grey

Grey shouldn't just stick to your closet and handbag collection - it goes perfectly with just about any color in your home too. Our Woven Grey Canvas Buckets are perfect for storing makeup, plants, toys, stationary or anything else you can imagine. 

Duffel Bag in Echo Charcoal

Perfect for a weekend away or even longer, our Duffel Bag in Echo Charcoal has interior pockets to keep your things separated, and the color will go with anything else you packed for your trip. 

Do you agree? Is grey really the new black? 

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