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September 19, 2018 2 min read

With school season in full-swing, backpack shopping may not be priority number one. But what if we told you that backpacks, typically used for toting books to and from school, are maybe the most versatile type of bag out there?  We intentionally design our backpacks to be much more than just "school bags" and have to give ourselves a pat on the back for how truly multi-use they are. 

Keep reading for a few of our favorite ways to use a backpack. 

1. For an Overnight Trip

Although they might not look super spacious, you'd be surprised at how much you can stuff into one of our backpacks. Toss a quick change of clothes and your bathroom supplies in and you're all set for a night away. 

2. For a Quick Grocery Store Run

If you're avoiding plastic bags or don't want to carry multiple reusable bags for a market or grocery store run, our backpacks make the perfect all-in-one bag. You can put your wallet, phone and keys in the front pocket and save all of the back pocket space for your grocery goodies. 

3. For Your Commute

Whether you bike, Uber, drive or take public transportation to work, a backpack will come in handy. Free up your hands to hold your morning coffee, drive, or ride your bike without your stuff getting in your way. 

4. For A Coffee Shop Work Session

Our backpacks easily fit a 15" laptop with room to spare. Add a notebook, pens, your wallet, and any other supplies for a work from a cafe day. 

5. As A Diaper Bag

Much more stylish and comfortable than typical diaper bags, a backpack can keep you just as organized and don't scream "diaper bag" quite as loudly. 

6. For School, Of Course

Last and most obviously, a backpack is great for rushing to and from classes. Our backpacks can fit all of your school day essentials, with room for a snack or two. 

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What's your favorite use for a backpack? Add any we missed in the comments!

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