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September 05, 2018 2 min read

It sneaks up on us every year, but just like that, Summer is winding down and Fall is fast approaching. We shared about keeping your Labor Day as eco-friendly as possible last week and, only a week later, it seems like everyone has nothing but cool temperatures, warm tones, and getting cozy on their minds. 

As much as we l-o-v-e Fall, these weeks where it's not quite Summer and not quite Fall weather can be tricky to dress for. Luckily, with a few simple styling tricks up your sleeves, you can stretch your Summer wardrobe and slowly transition to Fall without straddling two closets. 

1. Transition Using Color 

Instead of pulling out all of your sweaters and scarves the second the first leaf falls from the trees, try focusing on color to pull in your Fall vibes without actually wearing Fall clothes. Opt for warm tones like mustard, rust, cream, and brown instead of colors that bring the sense of Summer. You'll automatically feel more in the Fall-spirit.

2. Layer Up 

The trickiest thing about pre-Fall dressing is the fickleness of the weather. Some mornings, you may need a sweater on your morning commute, only to find it's 85 and humid again by your lunch break. As frustrating as it may be to feel like you need to pack an extra outfit for mid-day, simply adding an easy to remove layer on top of something more "Summery" is an easy fix. Think tank tops with a blazer or cardigan over the top or a Summer dress with a denim jacket. 


3. Try Unexpected Combinations 

Getting creative with your pieces is one of the most exciting ways to "survive" the mid-season transitions. Try a light turtleneck tucked into a pair of shorts or a summer dress over a pair of skinny jeans. Pairing pieces together that you may not think to normally can keep things interesting and add balance to your outfit without having to revamp your entire closet. 

4. Use Accessories to Transition 

If the weather won't cooperate, use accessories to transition to Fall while your outfit stays Summery. Use deep leather, gold accessories, rust, or neutrals to deepen your look while staying comfortable. Our Fillmore print is a perfect example of a transitional color that can beckon Fall, even when Fall isn't quite here. 

5. Consider a Mini-Capsule Wardrobe

It can feel like you need to have both your Summer pieces and Fall pieces readily available when it's cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. However, your closet may not be able to handle the overload and you shouldn't have to sort through that many pieces for only a few weeks. Instead, consider making a mini-capsule wardrobe made up of 10-15 pieces to get you through until sweater weather decides to stick around. Limiting your options for a short period of time can help eliminate stress when it comes time to get dressed and help you think of combinations you may have never considered. 

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