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March 01, 2017 2 min read


Stenciled pouch


Did you guys know that March is National Craft Month? Ok, I know some folks think it's a made-up title to encourage more shopping, but here at MAIKA, we never turn down an opportunity to get crafty, so here goes... 

To kick off the month, I thought we'd show you how we used our Stencil-A-Pouch kitand take it one step further to craft a one-of-a-kind textured pouch. Admittedly the result is a little more kooky than my usual style, but hey, crafting is all about experimenting, right?

DIY Stencil A Pouch TutorialMATERIALS
• fabric markers
• a pouch (or something you'd like to decorate on) 
• stencils

All of these are available in our Stencil-A-Pouch Kit.

In addition, you'll also need:
• pieces of felt
• fabric scissors
• fabric glue (not pictured)
• any pen for tracing on felt (not pictured)

stenciling a MAIKA pouch

Step 1
Stencil the pouch with the design of your choice. I chose to spell out a name and stenciled some stars around it. Leave some whitespace where you want the felted piece(s) to placed.

TIP: Need a refresher on stenciling basics? Check out this post.

stenciling on felt

Step 2
Set your stencil against your felt and trace around the desired shape. In this case, I wanted to highlight a single star. Cut out the star and dab fabric glue on all corners.


Step 3
Place star on desired position on the pouch and apply pressure for a few seconds till the glue is set.

TIP: You can heat-set your work by placing a piece of cloth over the stenciled area and running a warm iron through it. 

customized pouch

Ta-da! Your very own textured customized pouch. Easy, right? Think of the possibilities!

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