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March 10, 2017 2 min read

"The more the merrier." - Kim + Beth


I had the opportunity to have an afternoon mountain chat with two MAIKA customers, Kim and Beth, about their love for food and travel. Specifically, travel to the small mountain town of Telluride, Co and a few of their favorite foods and traveling delights. The delightful sisters find themselves venturing from St. Louis, their hometown, to this hidden gem often. You can understand why. 

Q. We love sharing quotes here at MAIKA. What is one you find inspiring?

A. "Ask not what your country can do you for you, ask what you can do for your country." - John F. Kennedy


Q. When traveling to the mountains what are three objects you can't live without?

A. A MAIKA Carryall for cruising around town with, a cashmere scarf for cold evenings and good walking shoes. Can we add a fourth item? MAIKA pouches are wonderful for organizing all your goods in your suitcase and finding essential items in the carryall for day adventures. 


Q. What is your favorite mountain activity? 

A. A morning walk along the river trail is a lovely way to enjoy the San Miguel River at nine thousand feet. We then work our way up to walking out to the historic mine. So pretty. As we acclimate to the elevation we really enjoy Hiking Bear Creek Trail with a bottle of water and a few cookies from Butcher and Baker. These are yummy snacks to enjoy at the top of the falls from our the MAIKA lunch tote.


Q. With all the mountain activity what foods do you crave in Telluride?

A. Oh wow! Where do we begin, well suppose breakfast? The sweetest family (two cousins) recently opened a bread company near Telluride called Blue Grouse bread. We love kicking off the morning with a thick slice of their seeded loaf, topped with avocado and an egg. Mountain Roots produce is wonderful for a making a fresh mountain picnic. And to top it all off evening sushi and cosmos at The Cosmopolitan is icing on the cake. 



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