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March 03, 2022 4 min read

March 8 marks an important date to celebrate women all around the globe! International Women's Day is a day to look back on women’s achievements throughout history, as well as promote gender equality, and fight against gender bias. On this day, we at MAIKA are sharing important lessons that we learned from strong women in our lives that we have taken to heart, and follow to this day.

Women of MAIKA

Lesson #1 - Be positive, and keep trying

My mom is gentle and loving but also super strong. She always taught me to reach for my biggest dreams, do my best, and “then leave it to heaven” (not in a religious sense). Decades later, as an adult, I feel I’m only just starting to appreciate her boundless strength and love.

- Jenny, MAIKA Customer

Lesson #2 - You won't know what you are capable of until you try

One of the most important women to me is my mom. She always pushed me to do things I thought were too hard. When I was young, I came home after an English lesson crying and saying I didn't want to study it anymore because it was too hard. My mom just shrugged and said -there are plenty of people that learn English, it's hard but it doesn't mean that you can't do it. The only reason you are reading this right now is because she pushed me and I'm grateful every day for it! So even if you think something is impossible, do it anyway! You will be impressed with what you are capable of.

- Sara, MAIKA Team

Lesson #3 - Be kind to everyone

My sister-in-law has taught me many things throughout the time I’ve known her. She’s a woman that somehow manages to keep her house in order, raise her kids right, serve others around her, take care of herself, be loved by everyone, etc., all while staying joyful and loving life to the fullest. She is an inspiration to me in so many ways, and one big thing I’ve learned from her is to not judge anyone. I’ve never walked in their shoes and I don’t know what they’re going through, so how can I be so quick to judge or not show kindness? Even if the person has hurt your feelings or acted irrationally, it may be coming from a place they’re in that you’re not, and it’s not about you. Being kind in spite of what someone may have said/done to you is what changes everything. As they say, kill them with kindness.

- Anna, MAIKA Team

Lesson #4 - Believe in Yourself

When I think of the women who have influenced me, a common characteristic among them comes to mind: self-trust. I learned to believe in myself and my abilities because of those who have believed in themselves, from my first mentor out of college to my best friend to my business partner. I know that these women have cultivated this confidence through a lifetime of growth, no doubt influenced by supportive women in their lives. Just by being themselves, they are passing the lesson on to others, giving more women the confidence to make their voices heard in a world that is often trying to silence us all.

- Angela, Co-founder of Eco Club and MAIKA enthusiast 

Lesson #5 - Always remember to get up after you fall

In the early days of starting my company, a mentor reminded me that I will experience many failures along the way. The trick is to remember to get up after you fall, never lose your curiosity and sense of play. And be kind.

- Viola, Founder of MAIKA 

Lesson #6 - Being unique is a strength

I was bullied all through elementary school because I didn’t quite fit in. My mom would let me cry every day after school and talk to me about my amazing qualities and how important it is to be the most wonderful you- not the most wonderful someone else. She would list the qualities that made me who I am. She was also up at the school anytime I needed her to be talking to my principal and teacher clearing a path for me. Now I am a teacher myself and run my own school. I bring every single thing my mom taught me about being true to oneself and being the best YOU you can be to my class, which brings empowerment, kindness, grace, and understanding to new generations!

- Ms. Baker, Kindergarten Teacher, and MAIKA enthusiast

Lesson #7 - Always be open-minded and open-hearted

Throughout my life, I encountered many mentors that taught me important lessons. A lot of these lessons I took to heart and have definitely helped me. However, an important thing that I learned from myself, is that things change and we always have to be open-minded and open-hearted to hear and see what is in front of us and not rely on the assumptions from our past.

- Lisa, MAIKA Team

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