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March 09, 2022 1 min read 1 Comment

Carmel Inspiration


I am so excited to be introducing Carmel, our latest collection for Spring 2022. Our patterns are almost always inspired by our travel adventures in places far flung to towns in our backyard. Sweet, simple and cheery, this pattern evokes the joyful moments of warm and sunny days, and is inspired by the city of Carmel.


Carmel-by-the-sea really is as magical as its storybook namesake. All the charm of a small town and cobblestone sidewalks, set against a magnificent coastline.

Carmel Swatches

Photo courtesy of MAIKA

Here’s the curious thing about the design process. The end product, at least for me, is never quite what I initially envisioned in my head. When I first started sketching florals and shapes that would eventually become Carmel, they were far more intricate in detail, and set against dramatic blues and greens. Believe it or not, Carmel was initially designed for a Fall/Winter collection in mind.

MAIKA Design Process

Photo courtesy of MAIKA

In the end, creating Carmel was largely about reduction. Editing out extraneous lines and elements. A happy accident during sampling also led to a reduction in the size of the florals, which made the pattern more charming and sophisticated. It took a few attempts at colors before it dawned on me that Carmel should be a cheery yellow instead of my initial vision of blues and browns. 

So, here’s to sunny days ahead. Happy Spring! 


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Joanne Karlik
Joanne Karlik

March 26, 2022

I ordered a bag a couple of weeks ago, has it shipped?

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