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November 28, 2017 2 min read

fabric printing on gift bags

 With the holidays approaching sooner than you think, it's fun to think about how to present your gifts delightfully. Today we're showing a simple way to enhance gift bags and fabric wraps by creating your own rubber stamp and block printing on them.

fabric printing supplies

Rubber carving block
Tracing paper
No. 2 pencil
Bone folder or small spoon
Linoleum cutter with No. 1 and No. 5 cutters
Fabric ink pad

tracing images

Print out a copy of the design you would like to use. Place a piece of tracing paper over it and start tracing the design. Turn the tracing paper face-down onto your carving block.

transferring image on rubber block

Transfer the image by rubbing the back of the paper with your bone folder or small spoon.

transferring image on rubber block

Occasionally lift up your tracing paper while keeping your other hand on the block to make sure the design has been transferred onto it.

carving rubber block

 Carve the stamp from your block with your linoleum cutter. Use the No. 5 tip to carve away larger areas, and switch to No. 1 when you are working on the more intricate lines.

Bonus tip: Keep the cutter at a 30° angle, and cut away from yourself. Don’t forget—while the image will be reversed on the block, it will be right side up when you stamp.

testing stamp

 When you have finished, tap your stamp and blow off any remaining rubber crumbs. Take your ink pad and ink your stamp to make a test print to check that there are no areas still to carve.

block printing on fabric

Once you’re happy with the test results, you are ready to start stamping onto your fabric!

Don't forget to check out our fancy rose knot fabric wrap tutorial here.

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