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DIY: 4th of July Fan Wheels

Posted by Viola Sutanto on

DIY 4th July Pinwheels

It's officially Summer, and less than 2 weeks ago before our neighborhood 4th of July block party. The kids were excited to get involved, so we decided to start by DIY'ing some paper fan wheels!

Supplies for DIY 4th July Pinwheels

Here's what you need:
• 8.5 x 11 sheets of colored or patterned paper
• Glue (We like PVA but Elmer's is fine)
• String
• Scissors
• Clothes pins


Making DIY 4th July Pinwheels

Step 1:
Fold the paper about 1" and flip it over.


Making DIY Fan Wheels

Step 2:
Repeat folding till the end of the paper. 

Making DIY 4th July Pinwheels

Step 3: 
Fold paper in two, and cut across the crease.


Making DIY 4th July Pinwheels

Step 4: 
You now have 2 strips. Fold each one in half and apply glue.


Making DIY 4th July Pinwheels

Step 5: 
Apply glue along one side of the folded strip and glue it to the other strip.


Making DIY 4th July Pinwheels

Step 6: 
Cut a piece of string about 6" long and slide it along both strips. Secure with a knot so the strips "bloom" like a pinwheel.


Making DIY 4th July Pinwheels

Step 7: 
Attach clothes pin to the ends of the strips, and voila, a fan wheel is born!

Stick them in small vessels for decor, or string along as a banner. Attach them to goodie bags as accents. Use as a fan... the possibilities are endless!


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