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February 01, 2024 1 min read

Upcycled vases from MAIKA fabric scraps

Have leftover fabric scraps you hate to toss out? I'm always thinking of fun ways to recycle/upcycle our scraps here, and bonus if no sewing is involved.

Ready to make some upcycled fabric vases?

Materials list for upcycled fabric vases


• Fabric scraps (we're using our 6" x 6" swatches).
• empty toilet paper roll
• pencil/ marking tool
• good pair of fabric scissors
• fabric glue or glue gun

2 pieces of fabric lined up

Step 1

Line 2 pieces of fabric with front sides facing out.

Drawing vase outline on fabric

Step 2

Use your marking tool and lightly draw the outline of your desired vase shape. Cut both layers of fabric according to outline.
Use your glue gun to adhere the sides of the fabric together. Leave the top and bottom unglued.

marking toilet roll to height of fabric

Step 3

Place toilet paper roll next to the fabric vase and mark a point that is equal or lower than the height of the vase.

UPcycled fabric vases from MAIKA fabric scraps

Step 4

Insert paper roll through the open slot at the bottom of the vase. Voila! Your very down DIY fabric vase.

Bonus tip: try it with hand-painted papers, or better yet, let the kids join in and get messy with their designs.

Share it with hashtag #smalljoysmakers. I would love to see what you all create!

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