December 02, 2016


gifts for food lovers

Food nourishes not just our stomachs, but also our souls. I love food. More than anything else, I love what food encompasses: not just all the wonderful textures, smells and tastes, but the memories that are tied to the dishes.

As far as I can remember, all our family gatherings were centered around food. Our kitchen was the place where everyone settled into once they came home. The clattering of pans, the whistle of a kettle, the hissing of water touching a hot pot... the familiarity of these sounds bring comfort to me even in the most foreign of surroundings. Our meals were often so simple, yet delightful.

At MAIKA, we strive to bring a touch of delight to the everyday, and these are some of our favourite tools to do that. Our top picks for gifting the food lover in your life:

  1. Lazy Bear Apron
  2. DIY Apron Kit (a fun activity for gatherings!)
  3. Measuring cups (I learned this the hard way.)
  4. Pour Over Kettle
  5. Indoor Herb Kit
  6. Forest Feast for Kids (the recipes really are kid-friendly!)



fabric gift wrap by chewing the cud

And of course, what's a gift without a presentation? If you love wrapping gifts as much as we do, you know what we're talking about.

canvas bucket

Luckily, we've got you covered with our fabric give wraps™, buckets and FREE foodie gift tags!


FREE gift tags from MAIKA

Download these foodie gift tags here. Each sheet features 8 designs that you can cut out, punch a hole in each and you're all set!

We printed ours on kraft card stock, but you can print them out on any paper. (We recommend a thick card stock, such as 200-300 gsm.) Enjoy!

Top photo collage via links. All other photos courtesy of MAIKA. 




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