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December 04, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

We interrupt our normally scheduled posting to share about something we are SO excited about. MAIKA is dedicated to making eco-friendly living accessible, colorful, and fun, all the way from our design process, to creating the product itself, to the moment our recycled canvas bags end up at your doorstep. 

But one area most brands, including ours, have less control is in the waste they create during the shipping process. Although recyclable and less wasteful shipping options exist, reusable, zero-waste shippers are almost non-existent. 

Until now. 

For the past year, our founder Viola has been working hard creating another brand alongside her partners: LimeLoop. LimeLoop's goal is to eliminate the need for single-use shippers with their reusable shippers made from ultra-sturdy recycled vinyl billboard. Each shipper is designed to last 10+ years and has a sturdy zipper that, when tied, won't come unzipped during the shipping process. 

How does LimeLoop Work?

We're so glad you asked. With LimeLoop, all you do is Zip the mailer up with your product inside, Flip it over to slip the label in the secure pocket, and Ship it off to its new home. Simple and completely zero-waste!

The shipper is waterproof, incredibly durable, and comes in various sizes to fit a variety of products. 

Who can use LimeLoop?

While LimeLoop seems most beneficial to brand owners who ship multiple packages each day, LimeLoop is designed for EVERYONE. 

They've just launched their first IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for their production and this opens up their products to anyone hoping to reduce their shipping waste. Just ship your gift to someone and they can reuse the mailer to send back to you or someone else! Brands can include a return label so the mailer can be easily returned and reused for years. 

So, are you in? We're so proud to be one of LimeLoop's brand partners - keep your eyes out for their shippers when you buy a MAIKA piece!

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Jane Dargan
Jane Dargan

May 05, 2022

I’m eturning a bag I purchased, I thought it was a purse. I love it but it won’t work for me…Thanks.

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