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March 22, 2018 1 min read

Making unicorn easter eggs

Easter is just a few weeks away, y'all! Maika and I were inspired by this postand tried to make unicorn easter eggs, but they turned out to be more conehead eggs headed to Easter brunch. Oh well. It was great fun, nevertheless. If you're interested in some easter DIY, here's what we did:

White eggs
Glitter foam
Felt (any color)
Cotton balls for stuffing
Mini paper flowers
String (optional)
Glue Gun

Making unicorn easter eggs

Step 1:
Boil your eggs.

Cut a triangle from your glitter foam piece. Roll it to make the unicorn horn. Use hot glue to secure the ends. Stuff the horn with bits of cotton balls and cut a circle (from the additional piece of felt) that is slightly bigger than the base of the horn. Glue the piece to the horn.

Making unicorn easter eggs

Step 2 (optional):
Dab a spot of glue at the top of the horn. Slide string in. Wind it all around the hat in the downward direction. Glue the end of the string to the base of the horn.

Placing flowers on easter eggs

Step 3:
Glue the base of the horn to the egg. Add a dab of glue behind each paper flower and secure a few around the horn.

Making unicorn easter eggs

Step 4:
Use your sharpie to draw faces on the eggs. Get silly and have fun!

Making unicorn easter eggs


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