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February 16, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

Introducing Davenport


I am so excited to be introducing our newest collection for Spring 2022. Our patterns are almost always inspired by our travel adventures in places far flung to towns in our backyard. This collection is one such story, as inspired by Davenport in California.



A quaint beach town, Davenport is home to some of the best beaches in the area. However, what really drew me to it is not the beach, but rather the now defunct Davenport Pier.

Davenport SwingPhoto courtesy of Joseph Barrientos

All that remains are a few cement pier pilings, the nearest of which has a homemade swing tied to it. Imagine yourself swinging back and forth into the open skies, with ocean waves beneath your feet. Wild, right? It was this feeling of playful rhythm and simplicity of the moment that carried me through the design process.

Design process
Photo courtesy of MAIKA
Linear lines. U-shaped doodles. Rays of light dancing against the waves. Nautical hues of blues and reds and pinks and purples. These elements became the ingredients to our design process. During the exploratory process, I don’t edit myself. Instead, I gather and play. Lots of iteration, refinements and color mixing and matching.


Getting early feedback from customers and partners is part of the editing process (if it’s relevant to your business model), but ultimately for me, it comes down the asking the right questions:

  • Does it capture the essence of the collection? In this case, using these key words as my guide: playful, rhythmic, simple. 
  • Does this work for a Spring/Summer collection?
  • Does it go well with the rest of our existing collections? It needs to be complementary yet distinctive enough.
  • Does it make sense for our product category?
  • Is it versatile enough to be applied to everything from large totes to small pouches?
  • Finally, does it “fit” with our brand colors and attributes? 
Looking at the finished products now, were quite pleased with how simple and sophisticated the final pattern turned out. I’m guessing this will be one of our most versatile prints yet. Think of the outfits possibilities… happy pairing!

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February 28, 2022

Please make tennis bags!!

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