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April 01, 2020 2 min read

Tribeca Carryall TotePhoto by MAIKA: Tribeca Carryall Tote


Today, we’re introducing the final pattern in our Spring 2020 collection. Our patterns are inspired by our travel adventures in places far flung to towns in our backyard. Tribeca, named after its namesake neighborhood in New York, is no exception. Our team makes a yearly trek to New York for trade shows, and it was during one of these trips last year that I remember sitting at a corner of a coffeeshop, sketching buildings across the street as I waited for my takeout. 


Photo by  Zachary Shakked from UnSplash


I remember thinking how tiny the windows looked against these multi-storied buildings. Each building so block-like, yet individually different in its rhythmic arrangements of dwelling units. I often don’t sketch realistically; instead I like to extract shapes that are interesting to me, and play with scale and composition. In looking at my early sketches, it occurred to me that few looked like actual buildings; instead more like abstract arrangement of blocks.


Tribeca Early SketchPhoto by MAIKA: Early Sketch


Sometimes it takes me a while to land on the final color. But with Tribeca, blue was my choice pretty early on. Something about the gritty and industrial feel of the neighborhood made me gravitate towards neutrals and “masculine” colors. A deep royal blue felt right with this linear and modern pattern.


Color Stories Photo by MAIKA: Color Swatches


During our design process, color has to pass several filters before we sign off on it. Is it an appropriate color for a Spring/Summer collection? Does it go well with the rest of our colors in that collection? Does it pair well with existing product colors?It needs to be complementary yet distinctive enough. Does it make sense for our product category? Remembering that this color will be applied to everything from large totes to small pouches, and buckets. Finally, does it “fit” with our brand colors and attributes? 


Coincidentally Blue became the Pantone color of 2020. (We had no idea when we landed on this color!) Blue is often associated with calm and tranquility, and symbolize the sky and sea.—a sign of hope and future. During these unprecedented times, we hope Tribeca in Blue is a nice, soothing antidote to ground us.


There you have it. The full Spring Collection featuring Tribeca, Sierra and Capitola. Which is your favorite? 


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