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March 13, 2020 1 min read

MAIKA dopp kits

Did you know that MAIKA products are designed as both standalone pieces and work well together as a cohesive collection?

What this means is, when we design our products, we make sure that each piece works well visually and functionally, and in addition, when paired with another MAIKA piece, should look good together. We take into consideration how our products look together on store shelves and in your closet.

Today, we're highlighting some of our favorite patterns that work together to create stunning stories.

MAIKA color swatches

THE MODERN: Waxed Ash + Echo Tangerine + Sierra + Tansy


MAIKA color swatches

STRIPES + DOTS: Flores + Waxed Ash + Stripes Charcoal + Gold Dots


MAIKA color swatches

SUPERBLOOM: Hana + Lisse + Sierra


MAIKA color swatches

HEY HANDSOME: Waxed Ash + Tribeca + Echo Charcoal


MAIKA color swatches

 FIKA MOOD: Sierra + Himmel + Stripes Charcoal


MAIKA color swatches

SPRING CHEER: Gold Dots + Stripes Charcoal + Lisse + Capitola


MAIKA color swatches

TOWN AND COUNTRY: Hana + Tribeca + Mt. Tam + Flores


Which is your favourite color story? 

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